House of Cash Museum

House of Cash Museum

Johnny Cash is one of the most respected American songwriters and singers of the world. He is also a very popular guitarist and actor, recognized as one of the best selling artists of all time with a great influence in music culture around the world as he sold more than 90 million records throughout the world. He was born in Arkansas in 1932 and died in Tennessee in 2003, remaining active until his last days.

In 2013, The house of cash museum was opened in Nashville. The Johnny Cash Museum attracts people of all the world. Fans of the musician flew from Sweden, Ireland and a wide list of countries for its grand opening. The house in Nashville where he and his wife died burnt down in 2007 so fans could not visit him in any way. The museum has become the best place to remember him.

In the museum, you will find a lot of Cash’s treasures and relics that were acquired from collectors and donors. There are several displays with guitars and other instruments, stage outfits, gold and platinum albums, awards, various house artifacts, family photos and artistic photos of the musician. The brother and daughter of Cash were very happy about it declaring that it was unbelievable.

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