Elder Scrolls Art

Elder Scrolls Art

Bethesda, the company responsible for developing the famous video game, Elder Scrolls, is working on a multiplayer platform which will be available next month. The ambitious project is making gamers go crazy since it is well known that Elder Scrolls art features the most acclaimed video game artists. It is known that the new version of Elder Scrolls will include a massive realm of great art. The design team has released a sneak peek of what the artwork produced for the game will be. The game will be available for PS4, Xbox, and PC.

When it comes to the setting, the game will depict landscapes which resemble the desert. This will be home for the nomads which have made this territory their home. These warriors will be wearing all sorts of armors. Light, medium, heavy. These armors will all include medieval designs made by the famous concept artist, Breton. Even though architecture and functionality of the armors are prior to design, the character art is definitely amazing.  

Also, the game will feature a much more smooth design when it comes to movement and fighting. Concept artists for Elder Scrolls have thought about every little possible detail, which will make this version of the game an asset for the gamer community. 

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